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Core Resources

The following are Core Resources used in the Red Marker API.


An Asset is a file that can be Reviewed. While typically a .pdf, Red Marker also supports .doc, .docx and many other common file types.


A Categorisation is a series of questions and answers that needs to be answered to determine which Rules to use when Reviwing an Asset. Typically Categorisation is completed by a User and contains multiple questions or Categories.

As an example; one question could be 'Which channel?', and user needs to select from three options; Email, Mail, Online.

In this example; 'Which channel?' is the Category, and 'Email', 'Mail', 'Online' are are various Options.


A Rule is a set of Business Logic that Red Marker uses to find particular phrases, known as Issues in a Asset. For example, 'All percentages must includes a percentage (%) symbol'.


A Review is when Red Marker scan an Asset for risky content using Rules. For example, scanning a Marketing Brochure for risk.

Review Rule

A Review Rule is a representation of a Rule that has been triggered as part of a Review. They may have zero or more Triggers that define where in the Asset and why the Rule was triggered.

Example Use Case

The Marketing Team has created a PDF called 'Marketing Brochure', which you want to scan for Risk. Using this PDF you create an Asset via the Red Marker API.

Once you have created the Asset and before Red Marker can scan for risk, Red Marker needs to know the channel where the 'Marketing Brochure' will be distributed. The channel could be either 'Email', 'Mail', 'Online'. This process is called Categorisation, where the question, 'Which channel?' is the Category, and Email', 'Mail', 'Online' are are various options that could be to selected for the Category. Of note, the specific Categorisation depends on what has been configured for your Company.

Once you have created the Asset and the Categorisation, you instigate a scan the Asset for risk by creating a Review, which will find risky phrases (Issues),

From the Review, Red Marker found the risky phrase: "Interest Rate of 5.00". This phrase is called an Issue, and was triggered by a Rule, which in this case is: 'All references to percentages must includes a percentage (%) symbol'. Of note, the specific Rules depend on what has been configured for your Company.